In our increasingly secular society, few people have the joy of singing sacred music and rarely is it clear what it takes to prepare music as a group and at the level demanded by the Royal School of Church Music.

Each year, the RSCM provides training courses for children, teens and adults throughout the U.S. and abroad. In 2012 and 2013, the Carolina Course for Choristers and Adults of the RSCM hopes to create a documentary movie by filming on site at Saint Mary’s School (Raleigh) and at various church venues. The purpose of the film is to capture the week’s events as they unfold, from arrival and vocal auditions, through meticulous rehearsals, and daily worship, to eating, drinking, and socializing together, all culminating in a Sunday morning sung Mass and an afternoon Choral Evensong. Documentary film is the medium to tell the human story of challenge, determination, defeat, and triumph. Our week at Saint Mary’s will sweep the viewer along into a world of sacred music, friendships, and faith that will fascinate, educate, and possibly even inspire the viewer to discover firsthand what it’s like to participate in a training course.

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